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  • Homepage: terragen
  • Current version: 3.0 from August 2013


  • standalone 3d package with renderer


Terragen (especially terragen2) is really amazing. The interface is a litte bit unfamiliar, but the results are incredible. Have a look at the gallery, the images will blast you out of your socks. Especially the skies are beautiful. In Terragen you can render vast landscapes with vegetation, rocks, overhangs, snow water and other highly render expensive features. Well the renderer itself is not too fast, but try to render the same elements in other software....

Release 3.0:

Planetside has released terragen 3.0. We have now 5 (five!) flavours of terragen. Too much I think. One free and maybe two commercial ones are enough. What has changed? The preview is multithreaded and faster, you can easily drop object on the ground. New GI method allows better and faster indirect illumination. Population control is improved as well as fbx support and localized cloud rendering. You now have a content library what makes it easier to browse your assets. Better DEM support and a linux render node complete the range of new features.

Release 2.4:

Now terragen has a complete aimation tool with curve editor, dopesheet and keyframe control. Vector displacment is supported and the calculation speed has been improved.

Release 2.3:

Finally terragen offers 64bit support. They were able to improve render and UI speed. Geometry export has been improved. Terragen is still one of of the landscape generators with the most impressive and convincing mountains. Now you can use them in other packages more easily.



gallery (look at it!!!):

Terragen2 Gallery

Last Updated on Thursday, 19 September 2013 13:07