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  • plugin GPU renderer and standalone application
  • availabiliy for maya and 3dsmax


A citation from the website:

You can see your render in real-time hairs, Maya Fluids, with bumpmaps, textures, soft shadows, reflections and refractions, ambient occlusion and color bleeding, depth of field and many other features directly in Maya viewport. No more waiting for render! FurryBall is about 30-300x TIMES faster than CPU renderers on regular Graphics card.

The company developed this renderer as an inhouse tool for their own movie productions. To be honest, these are not really a really good example. But the renderer is getting better and better. They do a lot of comparisions with other renderers. You can download the examples scenes and try to get the best out of your renderer and compare it with furryball.

They have a educational version for 99 Euros. It is available for students or teachers.

Release 4.0:

This release supports multi GPU rendering as well as NVidia Optix and DirectX11, sounds really interesting. You are able to switch between biased/unbiased rendering. The implemented tile rendering as well as physically based full GI on Nvidia cards. Now a standalone application is available. Network rendering is implemented. With Nuke you can render directly into the nuke interface. A very interesting new release. With the furryball standalone for about 660 Euros, they have a very interesting option.

Current release 3.0:

The new release implements furryball completly into maya as a regular renderer without the need to export and render in another application. Watch their demo videso, its impressive. Indirect lighting, objects as lights, particels and hair. They are really pushing the limits the guys at aaa studio.

Current release 2.2:

They added instancer support what is a great feature as well as environment fog and a texture analysis procedure that will load only necessary mip map levels, what leads to better usage of texures. And they cut the price in November to 50%, cool!

Current release 2.1:

Furryball now offers realtime DOF inclusive bokeh effects. Thats really great! Same with realtime motion blur. Its now also possible to export motion vectors, but why should you export them if you can do it in realtime?

Current release 2.0:

They improved a lot of things. They have Deep Shadow maps, complete fluid support for maya fluis (wow thats great!), hair system, a minimum hair screen size to avoid flickering of hairs.

Furryball is one of the new next generation GPU renderers. With a DirectX11 capable graphics card and Windows Vista or higher, the renderer creates high quality renderings really fast. They offer realtime displacement mapping as well as subsurface scattering.

The price compared to other renderers especially GPU renderers is quite nice. Its about $999 per license right now (May 2011).

Last Updated on Sunday, 29 September 2013 15:45