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  • Homepage: artlantis
  • Current version: 5 from September 2013


  • Standalone rendering software. Reads a lot of 3d data formats like 3ds, obj. Sketchup and ArchiCAD as well as some others can save directly in artlantis scene files.


The renderer is tageted at architekts. It now offers a GI realtime feedback. With artlantis you can create interactive viewable panoramas that can be played with the free iVisit Flash based viewer. This is a real killer. You setup all lighting, scenes and other elements and offer your client the possibility to visit every corner of a new building.

Release 5.0:

Everything is new! New logo (the most important modification!), new interface. The UI has been completly redesigned. It is easier to select medias what means assets like chairs, trees, vehicles. You can place and modify the objects direct in the render view which updates directly after the modification, very useful. Artlantis now allows volumetric spot lights. Post processing allow the addition of god rays. You can now create VR representations of your scene and give it away, but you will need the iVisit3D application.

Release 4.1:

With the new release you can add a plugin which enables you to use Maxwell renderer as render engine. Interesting, but expensive.


Last Updated on Thursday, 19 September 2013 12:56